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I've spent tens of thousands of dollars testing various solo ad sellers to see who consistently provides the best optin rates for your dollar. The sellers listed below are my TOP recommendations, you will be able to see my review which shows how their service converted for me, how much I paid and how much I ended up paying per lead. I will be unbiased in my reviews and have turned down funds to advertise on this site so you can be assured to get the truth.

What's a Solo Ad?

A solo ad allows you to buy a mailing to another marketers list. They promote your offer in exchange for an upfront payment.

Why Buy Solo Ads?

Very fast way to build a list and if you have a high converting offer it can be profitable from the start.

Why Sell Solo Ads?

Upfront cash, no waiting for affiliate payouts. As long as you
hit the clicks you guarantee to send you won't have any refunds

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Solo Ad Sellers

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Reed Floren
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